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Hi, my name is Priscilla welcome to my site.

Hygge History

Hygge started in February of 2021 in the middle of the pandemic; it was born as a hobby and grew to be a small business after a couple of months. Initially, we would sell only in the United States, but I saw an opportunity to expand to my home country El Salvador, and I took it.

Although our main product is cold process soap, I have continued to learn and expand to make different body care products like sugar scrubs, body butter, and melt and pour soaps.

I create my soaps in the coziness of my apartment with all the love and dedication to offer the best quality possible to my customers. I hope to grow enough to have a small shop in the future.

At the moment, I am the only one that makes the soaps; my sisters help me with social media content and photography, my mom helps with deliveries.

We are growing every day; we have been able to participate in a couple of farmers' markets that have helped us create a solid customer base that we hope to expand soon.


"I was inspired to develop organic soap that was also good for the body."

Priscilla, The Founder



Our Mission

We aimed to create a handcrafted quality product at an affordable price with the detail and passion that small businesses offer.

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